I am honored to introduce you to my wonderful

Intuitive Friend and Colleague......


Divine Channel

Distant Energy Healer


Hi, my name is Nora Hazel. I am a conduit of Divine Energy that is channeled through me. I am Spiritually & Angelically guided to channel & direct God's Divine Healing Energy to you. This Prime Source energy belongs to all of us. I facilitate the connection. This Divine Energy heals on physical, mental, emotional & spiritual levels. It helps ease grief, break patterns & addictions. It balances & cleanses all chakras & can open & enhance your intuition. It instills peace, calmness, intense relaxation & quiet confidence. Most feel enlightened & euphoric after a session. All is possible through God.

I have been helping others as a conduit of Divine Energy since 2007. It is my honor to be able to share this gift with you.


Please email me at to schedule an appointment.

My Website:

And to my highly gifted, beautiful Daughter....



Psychic Reader


Hey there! Nico here!

My social media platforms and website all reside under the name nlightenergy. I am a professional Psychic Reader specializing in an evidential psychic ability. I find many times, 

besides receiving the validations of every day life, I seem to also tune into human emotion very well. Thats where I started off "officially" after getting reiki certified. I have chosen to use my psychic ability as the main service I offer rather than the other modalities I've acquired over the years, simply because it feels the most natural! The other techniques are mainly to add in for support if needed such as reiki's supportive energy and light mediumship, but I tend to leave that to the professional! My Mom has an amazing ability and has really helped me fine tune throughout the years.In my reading space, I tend to cover the same topics of life, similar to those My Mom does! Health, career, family, relationships. And of course woven in between those topics is much more magic! You can find out a whole bunch more about me and my services on my website-

and for direct contact

my email is

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