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About ME

Hi, my name is Gina Tomasino. I am an Evidential Psychic Medium. I bring forth evidence that your loved ones in Spirit are truly communicating with you through validations of how they died, how they looked, what their personality was like, among so many other details about themselves. There is no limit to what they will want to convey to you.  In addition, they bring lots of information about you and your life, to help offer guidance, healing, they want to help uplift and direct you on your journey here on earth. The love that they bring forth is abundant and endless. I am truly honored to be the channel for all of my clients, allowing me to connect them to those they loved so deeply and is missing them the same.


I am very excited to be teaching Beginner Mediumship to those who want to learn how to open up to their intuitive gifts. Through classes, my client readings and working with my own Angels and Spirit Guides, I have been able to learn so much about the Spirit World and would love to help those who would like to embrace their Soul Senses and learn how to manage them. Mediumship is a never ending learning experience. 


Many of my clients consist of young adults, who I refer to as Indigo children. Indigo children are highly gifted with open Soul Senses and their mission here is help heal humanity. Outside of readings, I do offer my support for Indigos struggling with their open Spiritual Gifts along with my other clients that need my help and support.


My entire life I had been obsessed with ghosts and everything paranormal from childhood through my entire adult life. While I cannot remember having an actual experience encountering the Spirits before my awakening near 50 years old, my fascination with it never ceased. If there was a television show or a movie about ghosts, you bet I didn't miss it.  


There are two onsets of Natural Born Mediumship: Childhood Onset and Adult Onset. We are all capable of becoming a natural medium. The natural ability to communicate with Spirit (Mediumship) can develop and begin to manifest early in life, as in childhood, or it can begin to manifest later on in life in adulthood. During Childhood Onset, your ability to hear, see and feel spirit begins to manifest. This doesn't mean that you will develop your gifts. Usually, when you are older, you begin to understand what is happening and then, you may decide to embark in developing your mediumship skills. However, with Adult Onset, a catalyst in one's life is the opening to a Spiritual Awakening. Death of a loved one, child birth, losing jobs, broken relationships are just a few examples of what can lead to opening up your Soul Senses. I am here to tell you, I am a Medium with Adult Onset. I was just about 50 years old when I came into my Spiritual Gifts. Please do not believe anyone who says that the best mediums are natural ones from childhood. That is simply not true. Anyone can be a medium given the time and dedication it takes to understand, learn and use your God given intuitive gifts. Remember, Mediumship is a blessing, not a curse.

All mediums who communicate with Spirit do not communicate the exact same way. Although Mediums bring forth information and details that give you evidence that your loved one in spirit is truly communicating with you, it may be different how we receive it. Spirits link their energy with my energy. They actually use my physical body as a conduit to bring forth a lot of details for their loved ones making sure they know they are still present in their lives. Remember the movie "Ghost" with Patrick Swayze and Whoopie Goldberg? Well, the way Patrick Swayze floated right inside Whoopie Goldberg in the movie and used her body to dance with Demi Moore is exactly how I connect with Spirits. They gently float inside of me and communicate directly with you! While I allow Spirits to use my physical body to communicate through, there is nothing scary, I promise! I never lose consciousness and I can let go of their energy at anytime.  
I offer 1 hour readings. The first 10 minutes is validating those who are present in Spirit that wish to be acknowledged. The next 50 minutes covers topics of relationship, family, health and career. In addition to my readings being uplifting, full of love, healing and guidance, they can be very enjoyable. If your deceased loved one was fun and full of laughter while in the physical world, his/her Spirit will bring that same personality through in your 
reading! There is always plenty of time for questions after each topic and near the end. Your loved one in Spirit will finish the reading by telling you some signs that they leave for you to notice and find. They want you to know how much they still love you and that they are always with you. 


My spirituality is based around my belief in God and His Son, Jesus.  I am in constant connection with Ascended Masters, Angels, Spirit Guides and deceased family members who continue to teach and guide me on my spiritual journey to help me bring some Light and Blessings into the lives for those who seek it. I reside down at the Jersey Shore in Toms River, New Jersey, have 3 grown children. And yes, spiritual gifts run in the family. My youngest daughter, Nicolette, is blessed with the gift of mediumship and is studying to offer Psychic readings in the near future.  I am very proud of her indeed.


With Love,


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